Wife. Mother. photographer.


When I became a wedding photographer it wasn't just because I loved taking pictures of pretty details and grand events. It was because I fell in love with every moment, no matter how simple. That magic that happens when guards are let down, vulnerability exudes, and the camera is forgotten. I fell in love with the raw emotions and intimacy of a wedding day. Of a love story. Every laugh, every cry, every hug, every kiss, and every expression. Let's not forget the the butterflies, the tear jerking toasts, and all the funky dance moves. Every wedding that I photograph has made me truly grateful and honored because I get to experience it all with you. I get to capture it all for you and it is truly a gift.


It is the gift that keeps on giving. And the best part of being a wedding photographer is the gift I am able to give to you. Your photos. More than keepsakes and memories. More then still moments in a frame. Like carefully thought out strokes on a blank canvas to create a masterpiece, your wedding photos, your wedding day, your love story will be thoughtfully captured from beginning to end. Leaving you with timeless, intimate, and emotional photos allowing you to relive and feel every moment. That is why I love what I do. Deep love, beautiful wedding days, and love stories. 

One could say I'm passionate about elopements and weddings because I have been there. My husband and I eloped 8 years ago! We just wanted to be together so we just did it. It was exciting and so special, but sadly we didn't get any professional photos besides the ones on our low quality camera phones. fast Fast forward 7 months later we decided to have another ceremony and reception so our family could celebrate with us and this time invested in a professional photographer and videographer because we realized how important it was to capture those special moments and have them to look back on. Today we get to share those beautiful images with our little girls and one day they will share them with their children.  

So today you are here because you are looking for a photographer to capture your destination elopement or wedding day, your first of many adventures together as husband and wife, your great escape. As your destination photographer, I want to be there for you and with you to capture it all! I'm so passionate about making sure my couples feel comfortable and fall in love with their photos. If I've done those two things then I'm good because I know your're good

From the your airplane ride or road trip to the steps of your honeymoon suite. Heck I'll even stick around to capture some fun moments of your first adventure as husband and wife, your honeymoon!  Just think of me as your personal paparazzi, lol! 

 If you only want me there for your elopement day, I am totally down for that too! At the end of the day I am at your service. My job is to leave you with breathtaking nostalgic images that will allow you to relive one of the best times of your life for years and years to come. I cannot wait to meet you and I cannot wait to document your great escape!



How it all Began


Graduated from College


With a Bachelors Degree and became a Retail Assistant Manager. I hated it most of the time. 




Eloped and married my best friend. We met when I was a high school junior and have been inseparable ever since.


13 years and counting!


Then Comes a BaBY


I gave birth to our first daughter Eden. Which means delight.


Let the SouL Searching BegiN


I Quit working and became a full time stay at home mom to focus on my family and find my true passion.

I started blogging and became a Youtuber.


It was my creative outlet.


Surprise, surprise

Found out I was pregnant with baby girl number 2. My Little Ava.

I was cooking eggs and got nauseous. That's the morning we found out. 


A Photographer was Born


Had an Epiphany. Purchased my first camera. Started learning and taking pictures of any and everything.


I finally found my calling!


Shot My First Wedding

My first year of shooting weddings!


features and New loves


Featured in Lake Bride Magazine, Black Bride Magazine, PopSugar, and Southern Noir Magazine!


Did my first Boudoir Session and fell in love with empowering woman to love the skin their in.




Full time Wedding Boudoir  Photographer!


On a mission to capture unforgettable moments for dope couples & help woman feel empowered and sexy!

The Love behind my dreams

We love hugs and kisses,   dance parties, and cuddling on the couch!


My Little Family

Life with them is pretty darn awesome! 


5 yrs Old


3 yrs Old

He loves basketball, making people laugh, and my cooking.

Sassy, but oh so sweet!

They love all things unicorn,princess, and pretty!




I'm a huge snacker and love me some Netflix and chill!

I'm a Carribean Gal. Haitian to be exact.